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Inbal Valves News

Inbal Systems Protect Sakhalin Phase II Development Platforms

The Inbal Pressure Control Deluge Valves and Release Control Cabinets were supplied for the fire protection system of the Offshore Platforms LUN-A and PA-B near Sakhalin Island.

The valves and cabinets were designed and manufactured to comply with the harsh environmental conditions at site and according to the customer's requirements.

The valves are actuated either electrically or pneumatically from the release panels. Upon actuation, each valve automatically regulates the downstream pressure of the deluge system to a preset level. The Inbal Valves, being sleeve actuated valves, enable very precise pressure regulation to compensate for the various system conditions.

The panels, which are housed in Cabinets, contain the entire deluge control system and can handle multiple deluge valves.

The valves and their actuation Trims are manufactured from Titanium, suitable for use in seawater, in sizes DN 100 to 250 mm. The panels and cabinets are made of St. St.

Inbal Systems were recently supplied to additional major projects:
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Total Raffinerie Dunkirk France
Rosa Lirio Angola
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Amenam 2 - Nigeria
SAGGAS LNG Valencia, Spain
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