Inbal Valves Corporate Profile

MIL - A Dynamic, Globally Renowned Producer of advanced Control Valves and Systems Based on Innovation and Reliability.

Since 1971 Mil has been developing, designing, manufacturing and providing advanced automatic control valves and systems for a wide range of industries around the world. Leading players in the offshore, oil refining, oil gas and chemical storage, petrochemical, marine, aircraft hangars, and power generation markets count on Mil for a comprehensive array of automatic control valves, engineered for specific fire protection applications.

In 1974 Mil revolutionized the control valve industry by introducing the world's first N.M.M.P. (No Moving Mechanical Parts) automatic control valve - the Inbal Valve. Innovation in research and development, as well as superior product design and proven reliability, have established Mil as a globally renowned name in its field. Meeting the requirements of each customer is an inherent part of Mil's service. It includes custom made applications, technical documentation, special testing, as well as after-sale service worldwide. The use of CNC machinery, along with parametric 3D solid CAD and CAM systems ensures that all products are produced with precision. Each valve is fully tested on a large capacity hydraulic testing rig controlled by a modern FCS (Field Control System) based on Fieldbus Foundation and HMI system. The quality Assurance system has been approved as complying with ISO 9000 standard since 1991.

With worldwide sales offices and thousands of product installations in more than 50 countries around the globe, Mil realizes its mission to provide the world's most advanced control solutions.

ANSI-RAB & DNV Accredited    ISO 9000

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